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About us

Our Vision

Our Vision to operate a disciplined company in the transport sector, leading the way to improvement. To uphold a reputation of reliability and strict business ethics. To provide an open-minded broad spectrum customized service. To focus on sustainable growth and keep our visible assets immaculate. To Provide a Safe and Desirable Working Environment for our Staff.

Why choose us

We sincerely believe in the future of our company by simply rending the best possible service Since 2009 when Al Amin transport was established, the management and employees have polished procedures and offered outstanding personal commitment and effort to make the difference to the attitude, profession and service offered to our clients and well beings of all associated with our company.

Company Value

The company aims to maintaining service excellence.Providing superior transport solution according to each customer’s needs.Treating staff and customers with respect andhonesty.Appointing high quality staff (vetted by extensive background checks) Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively transportpassengers.Offering customers,a dedicated, personalized service.


Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring that our customers reach all destinations safely and out any setbacks.
Similarly, the health and safety of all our employees is very important to us in this regard, extensive
occupational health and safety procedures have been implemented, and all health and safety regulations
are strictly adhered to. A policy of “No Tolerance” is enforced in our company

Staff and Management

Al Amin Transport has a management structure which ensures administrative accountability and
exceptional client service. Continual in-serve training is provided to all management staff.This relates to
labour relations and law, new RTA acts in addition. On the job training is given to all our staff, thereby
ensuring that documentation is of the highest standard, and that checks and balances are in place to
prevent unnecessary delays

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